HS Group Ltd.

  1. The purpose of this notice is to provide the clients with information about the risks associated with operations in FOREX and CFD markets. This notice does not disclose all information regarding the risks associated with trading on FOREX international currency market, but encourages the clients to analyze their actions carefully.
  2. A client should clearly understand that this activity has a high level of risk. Therefore, you should analyze your financial opportunities and preparation before starting to work on the international currency market.
  3. In connection with the provision of a leverage, a relatively small market movement will have a great impact on a client’s assets (both positive and negative). If the market will be moving against a client’s open position, a total loss in the amount of contributions made is possible.
  4. The responsibility for taking risks into account, selection of a trading strategy, use of financial resources rests entirely with a client.
  5. Orders submitted by a client can be executed at rates differing from stated ones due to access of a large number of participants to the FOREX market and high volatility at certain moments on certain trading instruments.
  6. The FOREX market is considered to be one of the most risky in terms of rate changes within one day.
  7. In addition, while concluding transactions with the use of electronic trading platforms, there can be a risk associated with the system malfunctions. A client should take into account a socio political risk. By this risk is meant a radical change of a political and economic course of a country. The company cannot bear responsibility for damages caused by restrictions imposed by the government on exchange or market rules (suspension of trading, military actions or other conditions, which are usually called force majeure).
  8. This warning is not intended to force a client to abandon execution of operations in the FOREX market and is intended to help in evaluating the risks, which are associated with operating in the foreign exchange market and make a responsible decision concerning the choice of trading strategies for performing market operations.
  9. A client agrees to immediately notify the Company of opposing statements and / or recommendations given to them by the Company’s personnel, agents or partners of the Company, or any other third parties, which may affect the client’s trading strategy.
  10. The Company recommends to maintain the margin level of not less than 1000%, and always place Stop Loss orders. It is necessary to assess seriously the acceptability of currency trade conditions, taking into account a client’s current situation. If a client decides to start trading, you should take into account the recommendations of the majority of financial advisers, to keep on deposit not more than 25% of net income. If at any time, a deposit exceeds 25% of a client’s net income, the amount of the deposit should be reduced immediately in order to minimize potential losses.
  11. The client understands that aggressive trade and, especially Intraday-trading are highrisk trading strategies. The client also understands that this strategy increases the risk of significant financial losses. The client acknowledges the above mentioned risks and agrees that he/she controls and is responsible for all trading operations performed on his/her trading account.