Discount rates of Central Bank

Central Bank Rates for Foreign Exchange Operations


Central Bank: FED (Federal Reserve System)
Key discount rate: Federal Funds Rate
Current value: 1,25%
Last change: 14.06.2017

European Union

Central Bank: ECB (European Central Bank)
Key discount rate: Fixed Rate on Main Refinancing Operations
Current value: 0,00%
Last change: 10.03.2016


Central Bank: BOE (Bank of England)
Key discount rate: Official Bank Rate
Current value: 0,25%
Last change: 04.08.2016


Central Bank: SNB (Swiss National Bank)
Key discount rate: 3 Month LIBOR Rate
Current value: -0,75%
Last change: 15.01.2015


Central Bank: RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia)
Key discount rate: Cash Rate
Current value: 1,50%
Last change: 02.08.2016


Central Bank: BOJ (Bank of Japan)
Key discount rate: Overnight Call Rate Target
Current value: -0,10%
Last change: 29.01.2016


Central Bank: BOC (Bank of Canada)
Key discount rate: Overnight Rate
Current value: 0,5%
Last change: 15.07.2015


Central Bank: Banco de Mexico (Bank of Mexico)
Key discount rate: Overnight Interest-Rate Target
Current value: 6,5%
Last change: 30.04.2017

New Zealand

Central Bank: RBNZ (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)
Key discount rate: Official Cash Rate
Current value: 1,75%
Last change: 09.11.2016

Interest rates description

Interest rate (synonyms “bank rate”, “discount rate”, “and refinancing rate”) denotes the actual value of money at the moment in the Central Bank of a particular state. The second interpretation of the term is the rate on loans that the country’s main bank issues to accountable commercial financial institutions. Rates fluctuation affect the exchange rate of the domestic currency, inflation, credit instruments, so it is an important part of the country’s financial and credit policy.
With the increase of the interest rate, commercial and business activity temporarily fades, there is an increase in the stabilization of the positions of the national currency, expressed in its growth, and inflation is falling. With a decrease in the rate size, there is a devaluation of money, but at the same time, businessmen are more active.

The magnitude of interest rate fluctuations is determined by the basis points: 1 point is equal to one hundredth of a percent. Since in the strategy of Forex trading the prevailing amount of calculations is conducted in US dollars, this country has a significant impact on the entire world currency market.