Welcome Bonus

Get a bonus of 50% of the initial amount replenishment!

  • Open an account and turn a replenishment out.
  • The company gives a bonus (as a present) of 50% from the initial investment.
  • Start trading, make a profit. The more often you trade, the more quickly the bonus is transformed into real money./li>
  • After the conversion, the bonus enrolls to the trading account. Hereafter, it is used in transactions or withdrawn in cash.

Terms of Welcome Bonus use

The smallest amount for which the bonus is enrolled is 500 c.u. The upper financial limit is 20,000 cu. After making transactions, brokerage fees of 10% are credited back to the account as a converted bonus (payments of 2% of the Bonus amount). The bonus is converted within 3 months (90 days) from the date it was received.

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Welcome Bonus

What does the Welcome Bonus mean?

Welcome bonus is a monetary encouragement for beginers who replenish a trading account for the first time! To transform welcome bonus into real money, it is necessary to fulfill the established volume of trade operations.

How to get Welcome Bonus?
To receive a bonus, you need to complete 3 steps:
•    Complete the registration procedure until the end, providing all the data;
•    First time to transfer money to your trading account. The smallest amount of replenishment is determined by the company itself and is indicated on the page

How the bonus can be converted into real money?

The client deals with trading transactions using the financial instruments. For each trade operation he pays a fixed brokerage fee. At the same time, the Welcome Bonus part, similar to the fixed percentage of the paid reward (conversion rate), turns into real money.

Every day at 21:00 Aloir FX checks the amount and size of the paid sums, taking into account the converted bonus amounts. As soon as this part of the bonus reaches the level of the lowest payments, it is transferred to the internal account of the client, who can use this money for further trade transactions or withdraw in cash.

Bonus conversion has a certain time period. If it is exceeded, then part of the unpaid bonus will be reset. To ensure that the client does not forget about the conversion terms, he is given a mobile and web application, where you can see at any time how much assets and what time is left to convert.

The value of the bonus, the speed of its conversion into real financial assets, the least payment and the duration of the conversion, as well as the upper and lower limits of the replenishment amounts determine the current offer from Aloir FX, which, at the request of the owner of the resource, can be changed.

The real Aloir FX offer includes:

  • Welcome bonus (50% of the first deposit);
  • conversion rate of 10% of the amount of remuneration to the broker;
  • a minimum payment of 2% of the bonus;
  • set conversion period (90 days from the date of the bonus calculation).

So, you registered and replenished your account for $ 1000. The size of the bonus is equal to 50%, is also $ 500. Let us consider how the amount will be converted into real money. Over the next 5 days, you deal with oil, indices, and currencies. Every evening (at 21:00 GMT), the automatic system analyzes the spread, swaps and commissions paid by you, and calculates the converted portion of the bonus. Suppose, by the end of the fifth day, the brokerage fee was $ 100. The conversion rate is indicated in the conditions, which means that you will receive $ 10. In the evening the system will calculate that you converted 2% of the used Welcome bonus. At this point, the amount will reach the minimum set value for the transfer. Aloir FX immediately transfers $ 10 to your account. As it was already mentioned, they can be removed or further put into circulation. Without stopping the deals, you can perform the conversion of the rest of the bonus for the remaining 85 days.

Aloir FX has no deal with banking deposit activities, “does not launder” illegally obtained funds. Welcome bonus is designed to create more comfortable terms of trade for beginners. In connection with this condition, Aloir FX to certain customers may refuse to pay the Welcome bonus, as well as modify or completely cancel the proposed Rules to participants without explanation.