Invite a friend and get a bonus equal to 400S, for each recommendation

You can help your friends and acquaintances significantly increase the level of financial income by inviting them to Alior FX.

«Invite your friend» and earn good money
The program is a type of promotion in money terms. Your acquaintances will be able to become brokers using the opportunities provided by the world financial markets. All participants in the process will receive a reward.

Who can participate in this program?
This can be any adult person who does not have an open account in Alior FX. You can invite any number of people, without restrictions, because you will be really interested in it!

Participation procedure
ЧTo start earning on the friends invitation, it’s enough to register and have an account in Alior FX. In your personal account you will find a registration link, which you will share with everyone.

How and where to invite?

  • By sending a link through social networks. Write a post and attach an invitation to it.
  • Through a letter sent by e-mail.
  • By the transfer of a personal link by any available means of communication.
  • By placing on our own site a banner of our company with a bonus share.
  • Applying the picture (avatar) in the personal signature on the forums.

For the last two ways, a link is provided, that transfer to your internal promotion page, so newcomers will be registered based on your link.

Your person can register in Alior FX directly, using the “friendly code” form.

When registering, an invited person will open an account that is easy to replenish in a convenient way.
The size of your promotion increases depending on the number of people you invited.

The most pleasant is the bonus

We are ready to pay 1 c.u. for the transaction by a mini lot (it is 10,000 units of base currency), made by people who came from you. The amount increases depending on the trade volume.

For example, for a full transaction of 100 000 units. (The standard lot), the bonus will turn into 10 c.u. The maximum bonus amount is 10%, it is calculated from the day of the first replenishment (but does not exceed 400 c.u.) and sums up the amounts introduced over a period of 7 days. Bonuses are awarded once a day and transferred to a bonus account.

Which advantages does an invited person have?

As soon as you replenish your account for the first time, a 10% bonus is added to each financial deposit within a week (full 7 days). The total amount of the bonus does not exceed $ 400, taking into account all open accounts. These funds can be transferred to other accounts or withdrawn from the system.

To save the bonus, you must fulfill the following conditions. To transfer money from one trading account to another, it is necessary to conclude one complete transaction for each bonus dollar. Do you want to reduce the number of transactions? Operate in transactions with larger amounts.

Intending to withdraw the accrued funds until the end of the specified number of transactions, you run the risk of losing the bonus: it will simply be written off from the account.

Example. You replenished your account with 5,000 c.u., received a bonus of 500 c.u. You transfer the accrued amount to a trading account and start working in the system. The total amount is $ 5,500. You will need to register 500 transactions with a mini lot (or a smaller number of lots, but larger amounts), so that later the bonus gift is saved for you when you withdraw it from the system or transfer for trading on another account.

Two types of transactions

Mini-lot is the least amount of currency or asset that participates in making deal. Equals to 10,000 units of base currency.
Complete deal involves the standard opening and closing of the selected position.How to apply a bonus “Invite a friend” program predetermines the use of a bonus for registration of transactions and the achievement of profits on them. Alior FX in its sole discretion can cancel the attachment of the account to the specified program and completely write off the accrued bonuses.

Which questions do customers ask?

Программа «Пригласи друга» предопределяет использование бонуса для оформления сделок и достижения по ним прибыли. Alior FX по собственному усмотрению может аннулировать прикрепление счёта к указанной программе и полностью списать начисленные бонусы.

Which questions do customers ask?

What happens if the deal remains open, by the end of the trading day?

The inviting will receive half of the bonus. The second half will be paid when the transaction closes. For example, a minimal transaction was opened for the currency instrument “euro / dollar” only. At the end of this day, the sponsor (invited) will receive $ 0.5 on the account. When the transaction comes to an end, the invitee will receive the remaining 0,5S

What does it mean to “reverse the deal”?

Reverse involves an incomplete trade, which has changed direction with the open transaction using the same instrument, but without fixing the result. The inviter will receive half of the bonus for this trading day, and the next half – in the day of closing the deal.

For example, a guest opened a deal with a mini lot, the inviter will be credited with a bonus of 0.5 c.u. During the same day, the transaction was reversed, during which 2 similar lots were sold. After the operation of the coup, one transaction will be opened for a sale amount of 1 mini lot. As soon as it closes, the sponsor (invited) will receive another 0.5 US dollars.
Under existing operations of “partial closing” or “refilling” bonus is considered similar to the example of the “coup”.

How the bonus in the trading of metals of the value and CDF tools is calculated?

One certified transaction with a mini lot leads to a bonus in dollars on the basis of the following formula:

X*T / 10 000, where
X – the number of asset units;
T – the value of the asset at the end of the trading day.

Example: for a day the invited person carried out one complete transaction for 100 shares. At the end of the trading day, one share was the equivalent of 400 US dollars. Therefore, the invitee will be credited with the amount: 450 * 100/10 000 = 4,5 c.u.

Is it allowed for a person who has issued a deleted link to make money several times and receive more than one bonus for them?

Yes, during 7 days from the initial replenishment of the account you can make money repeatedly. The maximum bonus obtained in this case is 400 US dollars. If during this time, several accounts completed for one person were replenished, the first opening is considered to be a full-fledged opening for trading the very first account.

Are there any restrictions on the accounts types that are available in the program?

The program includes all types of accounts, including investment accounts.
If an invited person is very active in trading on the platform of Alior FX, what is the maximum amount of bonus incentive the sponsor can expect?
This amount is 10% of the total amount of money contributed to the invited person during the first week. At the same time, the amount of payment will not be more than 400 c.u. for one person. To navigate, open the personal cabinet on our resource and see the amount of the bonus, which you can count on when bidding a signed partner.

Where the data about how many bonuses are have already been received for each person?

We pay 1 c.u. for each deal by a mini lot. If friends increase the volume of trade, you can expect an bonus increase.

The bonus system is charged independently once a day based on the number of closed deals at the end of the day. In the table “History of invitations” the column “Bonus” is made, where the accrued gift amount is shown. It is made in the form of a hyperlink: a small tablet with the necessary data is opened.

Number Completed mini-lots Bonus
30.06.2017 200 200

In case the bonus is not charged for several days, contact the invitee. Maybe he does not have enough information to start trading. Help a friend understand the technology so that he can successfully work with currencies, indices, metals of the value.