Interest on deposit

Get from 9% to 12% in USD

Guaranteed income in USD

  • Having issued a deposit in the amount of $ 5000, you will receive an annual profit equal to 9-12% per annum.
  • Investments in the amount of 5.000-10.000 $: the rate is guaranteed at a rate of 9%.
  • Investments in the amount of 10.000-25.000 $: the rate is guaranteed at a rate of 10%.
  • Investments in excess of 25.000 $: the rate is guaranteed at a rate of 12%.

Why this service is interesting for customers?

Deposit accruals – one of the attractive conditions of savings on the trading accounts of Alior FX customers. Customers will receive:

  • dollar account that saves money from inflation;
  • upon completion of the first replenishment of the account, the client is granted a grace period during which interest is charged at a fixed rate;
  • The settlement amount is visible in the user’s personal account.

How does the service work?

The condition for the provision of a deposit is the initial amount of not less than 5000 c.u., contributed to the account. Accrued fixed interest will help making the first months of stay on the trading resource for a new client more comfortable and safe.

The grace period is 3 months (it concerns only the first replenishment). Interest is calculated in the automatic mode.

Deposited amount

Interest rate size


9% per annum


10% per annum


 12% per annum

Calculation and receipt of interests

Interest calculation is performed every day at 21:00 GMT. The basis for this calculation is the total balances on all the client’s trading accounts, with the addition of unrecorded profit less unrecorded loss and bonus money left at the end of the day.
The received interest is transferred to the “Bonus account”, the sub-account “Interests on deposit”. Data on accruals are available in the customer’s personal account on the “My Accounts” page (option “Bonus Account”).

Payment of accrued interest is automatically calculated to the sub-account “Available funds”. Currency – USD, frequency – once a month, on the day the service is connected, starting from the next day after the connection of the calendar month. In the event that the date is missing the required number, the payment is made on the 1st day of the next month.

Detailed example

You are connected to the service on the 31st January, the payment will be made not on 28 or 29 February, but on 1 March.

Customers who have chosen 9% per annum profit for which the grace period of interest calculation is effective will be paid after the end of the grace period.

How to use accrued interests

Client transfers the accrued interest from the “Available funds” sub-account to any of his trading accounts. Subsequently, they are used without commission payment.

To transfer interest, the form “Internal transfers”, placed in the personal account, is used. In the “Reports” all operations relating to interests are shown.

“Interest on deposit” option activation is automatic and begins to work for those who for the first time transferred at least $ 5000 to trading account.

Additional explanation

Alior FX does not belong to banking institutions; therefore it does not deal with extensive policies related to the storage and accumulation of funds. The company conducts transparent activities in which there is no place for money laundering. “Interest on deposit” service is designed for the convenience of clients in the conduct of their trading activities. Therefore, our company can refuse to explain the reasons for the accumulation of interest without a reason. Since the “Interest on deposit” offer is a bonus promotion of Alior FX customers, the access to the specified service for each client is resolved individually.

Alior FX by its own decision can change or remove the interest rate. This measure applies to one, or a group of individuals or simultaneously to all clients.