Dear customers and partners of AliorFX!

We are happy to inform that from May 21, 2017 you will be able to replenish your BitCoin (bitcoin) and LiteCoin (litcoin) trading account by a transfer.
The unique currency is devoid of centralized management; therefore it is not accountable to the Central Bank with the powers of issue. Financial operations are simplified as much as possible: instead of registering and scanning documents, one click is enough for account opening and electronic cash transfer. Financial operations simplicity is complemented by irreproachable coding, which excludes the possibility of system hacking, as well as local theft of funds from other people’s balances and virtual purses.
In the last 3 years, interest to the digital currency (bitcoin, lightcoin, etc.) has increased enormously, which gradually makes it a universal tool in many calculations. Bitcoins are already used abroad for buying real estate, paying for studies.
Also, on our trading platform, so the following types of trade are available USD / BTC, USD / LTC, USD / ETH
Paying a great attention to the significant growth of the quote in USD / BTC, you will understand that this great financial instrument has a great future. Trade takes place in the CDF mode, helping to get a profit on the basis of exchange rate change.

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